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Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

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Dodge Challenger SRT
Hellcat Redeye
Performance Upgrades

Glaring, staring, intimidating, challenging; no matter how you choose to state it, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Red Eye is every menacing inch a hunter but with a new twist. The 797hp (supercharged) Hellcat Red Eye is advertised as having a higher top-end (203 mph) than its Hellcat counterparts.
That said, it’s still not the most feared predator on the street...

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The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, modified by Forza Tuning and Performance is the speediest thing on the interstate, airstrip attack, or half-mile roll race. With five Hellcat Red Eye high-performance upgrades that range from 127hp (797hp to 924hp) to 392hp (797hp to 1,189hp), Forza Tuning and Performance makes this American-made cheetah Tarzan’s new best friend.

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The Hellcat Redeye is One Mean Cat!

Providing expert high-performance modification of the Dodge Hellcat Red Eye in separate stages allows Forza Tuning and Performance to customize your Mopar to exceed your wildest expectations. Whether you just want to get the edge on other Red Eye owners with a PCM modification, low-temp thermostat, spark plug upgrade and custom tuning or gain a more serious advantage with a Forza supercharger modification, custom exhaust, and upgraded fuel system; Forza offers factory trained technicians, courteous service, a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, in-house dyno testing and tuning with a color printout, and enclosed transportation to our Clearwater, Florida facility from anywhere in the continental U.S.

With a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine, capable of producing 797hp and 707lb.-ft. of torque, the Red Eye is the perfect canvas for extreme modification. The Red Eye utilizes the drivetrain of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, combined with a twin snorkel hood and a specially tuned engine management system to obtain higher top speeds than other SRT models. This is intended to make the Red Eye a more balanced high-performance car than the Demon, which is intended more for drag racing. With a high-performance suspension system that is tuned towards road racing, the Red Eye moves through canyon curves like a panther and cuts up city corners like a sports car. All that your Hellcat Red Eye needs are extreme performance and tuning modifications as executed by Forza Tuning and Performance.

Photo Credit - Dodge

Boost Your Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye to new levels with a Forza Performance Upgrade

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Red Eye modifications by Forza go farther than the engine bay. High-performance chromoly rear sway bar links, upper and lower lateral control arms, and track bars integrate seamlessly into the Hellcat package that is already heavily performance focused. With the addition of these Forza enhanced suspension components, and a rear differential bracing system; Red Eye owners can find themselves in control of the most capable vehicle on street or track.

As the premier exotic and high-performance modification and tuning facility in the southeast, Forza Tuning and Performance offers expert factory scheduled maintenance, repair service, and aftermarket high-performance upgrades for your Red Eye. Factory trained technicians, a skilled support staff, and the most sophisticated tools and equipment in the industry await the arrival of your cherished Challenger Red Eye at Forza Tuning and Performance. Meticulous attention to detail allows the Forza team to precision test and tune your Hellcat Red Eye within the clean and well-lit confines of their industry-leading compound.

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Among street and track racers, the term @Forzatuned has become synonymous with top speed and low elapsed times. This is due in large part to the environment fostered by Forza owner and master tuner Brenton Brown (Exotic Car Doc). When you need everything that your Dodge Challenger Hellcat Red Eye can produce, look no further than Forza Tuning and Performance. Trust that the Exotic Car Doc and his team will get the most out of your Redeye.